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The experience of my healing session with Richa was very nurturing, relaxing and fulfilling. She helped me to reset my energy and cleared my mind of many useless blocks that I was holding to. I personally feel she is an amazing healer who has the capacity to bring out a "new person" from deep within. I actually could feel and see my guardian angel (through inner eyes) clearing my chakras. She introduced me to my power animal through her Angelic Pathways process. That was very exciting. I feel truly blessed to attend the workshop 'healthy me' where through deep meditation I experienced the incredible sense of peace and relaxation. I loved the experience that I had and look forward to more sessions with this wonderful and talented healer.

- Meeta

Dearest Richa, Thanks Richa for giving me the confidence to achieve what is really dear to me. You have showed me a way to get through it and I'm sure I will definite achieve it. Kindly keep up the good work and I hope that the happiness which I have discovered, everybody else also gets (them) it through you. That you become the light & brightness and teach people the art of enlightenment. Loads of Love,

- Dr. Richa N. Gala (4/2/12)

Dearest Sangeeta, It’s been a journey from fear to freedom through your therapies for my mother. Though I have never taken private therapies for myself, but for my beloved mother ever since she was diagnosed with Duodenal Cancer, the rarest cancer without any cure throughout the world as per conventional medicine.

As I would take astral therapies, i.e., working on my mother through me as a medium with her permission for the reasons that she was weak due to her illness & she wasn't a strong believer in anything specific except medications, it was on my faith and her permission that we would work on her. I was introduced to Sangeeta Shah through one of her students, Tejal Shah and ever since then, working in therapies to reduce pain, vomiting, improvement in health, focusing on quality life, improvement in reports medically etc. were the changes experienced in my mother, just by working oh her through me. Its exceptionally beautiful that how ThetaHealing sessions with Sangeeta, the theta downloads, the various processes of EFT, ERT, The Journey, Past Life Regression, etc. all done on my mother by working through me worked so beautifully to create that time span for my mother to spend each and every moment so beautifully with everyone with the quality life that she lead with the existing relationships, whatever she chose to do, however she loved doing things. She was a foodie. Unfortunately, facing a type of cancer that is located in the small intestine. Working in her cancer, allowing her to enjoy every bit of her time without having to sacrifice on any kind of food/ cuisine she loved and relished.

My perspective has changed completely, I feel I did my best to give her the best of all the time I could extend for her, as the doctors had given up ever since the beginning by only giving her palliative care. Giving her a quality life, through these therapies where we could bring her out from a Ryles tube through her nose to her intestine to feed her food to a physical level where she could cope with all and come out of this situation beautifully and lived her dreams till the end. And I know, now that she's in a better place, showering all her love on me and my little brother and our family through all the friends, family and people in our surroundings.Her illness had been a learning phase for all of us, and taught us through all the courses at Cesta Holistic Healing Studio, that how we are creating even the smallest of issues in out life by suppressing our emotions. I've learnt to love my body, mind and soul and myself completely, feeling composed and calm about every situation in life as it has a much bigger picture and better perspective as per each ne's life plan.

I truly and dearly thank Sangeeta Shah, Richa Shah, Tejal Shah and all the healers who have passed healing to mom for her highest and best always all over the world.Love & Gratitude,

- Nakshi Satra

After having a hyper thyroid condition for over 4 years with levels fluctuating drastically with stress and other factors involved, the levels have finally stabilized for good and am off medications after the intuitive class and therapies with Richa Shah. Theta healing is a great way to get cured off all ailments mankind has known of. Cancer, blood pressure diabetes, allergies, viral issues, injuries and all other ailments can be cured very easily that medical doctors claim to have no permanent solutions to. Especially in India, doctors claim to have no way to balance thyroid disorders for good.

One must reach theta healers to be free off all sorts of ailments since they can even guide surgeons on how to deal with the most uncurable cases reaching the root cause of each issue and uprooting and curing the same, that may have been picked up genetically or repeated for lifetimes.Lots of love and luck to all!

- Raakhee thakker

Dear Richaji and All at Cesta Healing Studio

It's My Pleasure to write this Letter Specially for Richaji that, Theta Healing and You at Cesta are one of the Finest things I can across in My Life. And Above it, on behalf of My Family I would like to Thank You All for Helping and Doing Deeds for the Mankind. I had done many types of Alternate Healings and Meditations, But just Your smallest Meditation has changed My Life. The Best thing of the Theta Healing that I saw was, when You were working on Me, Improvement & Changes was also Reflecting on My Family & Business. One thing I noticed that, Your Teachings, Your Healing Techniques and Approaches Are more Powerful and Intense, that Works instantly. My Both Daughters have improved in Their Studies after Your Healing. When nothing was working, You All Made it possible. God Bless Everyone at Cesta Thank you with Love, Gratitude and Best Regards,

- Tejas Shah

Hypnotherapy helps one to understand one's inner self and identify the root cause of one's own problems. In today's stressful life, everyone has some problem or the other. Be it related to health or be it personal, Dr. Sangeeta Shah, with her unique style of treatment, helps you to identify the cause and also to overcome the same by way of positive visualization. Her soft style of addressing to the issues related to you is very effective. The treatment involving breathing techniques and visualization helps one to attain higher level of concentration required to attain one's goals in life.

- Bhagyashree Thipsay, Arjun Award & Padmashree Recipient, 7 Times National winner for chess.

Hypnotherapy is all about self-help. Dr. Sangeeta Shah has applied these principles of visualization and application of one's own persona towards treating any misconceptions one may have. Disease starts with dis-ease. Hence the efforts to put one 'at ease' produce the result. Acidity is one such dis-ease that stems from one's perceived inability to 'go with the flow' of life. Dr. Sangeeta Shah has used the principles as propounded by Louise B. Hay in her best-selling book 'You can heal your life' very successfully in treating Acidity. This has resulted in enhanced understanding and enjoyment of one's life. Dr. Shah's sincerity and empathy in healing - are two very good personal attributes that impressed me. She has combined professional approach with personal attention, so evident from her understanding and grasp of what a patient requires during therapy at various stages. She deserves to be appreciated by those who have come to her for self-help.

- Sudhir Jasani

Theta Healing has been a life altering Modality for me. I leave India a changed Man. Richa is an amazing therapist.

- Sandip C. Raithatha, South Africa

I went to Dr. Sangeeta Shah One and a half years after my son was diagnosed with mild Autism. At that time, we had tried a variety of therapies but felt we needed something more. My state of mind was highly anxious and worried about his future and what it would hold for him, and naturally this reflected in my son, making him very anxious as well. During our first session with Sangeeta, she explained the Theory of the Mind, which made a lot of sense to me. We started our therapy sessions with EFT, which helped release a lot of issues that I had with regards to my son's diagnosis. Then we did the hypnosis, which was totally contrary to what it is in popular culture.

Instead of being something scary, it is a very natural process where I was totally aware and yet very relaxed. At the end of it I felt like I had come out of a nice long sleep. I also did a Past Life Regression with Sangeeta which I also found very relaxing and beautiful. The idea that my family has been with me through lifetimes was very comforting.

The entire process definitely helped my son and lessened his anxiety. He has emerged as a lot more confident, expressive and sure of himself. I would recommend Sangeeta to anyone who has not found solutions to their problems within the realm of modern medicine.

At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and was advised Chemotherapy. After the very 1st cycle of my chemo, I was giving up-My blood counts were falling for which I was advised injections which were very painful, the nausea was increasing. At that point I came to know about Dr Sangeeta through internet and that changed my life. In our very first call she made me do EFT, gave me affirmations which paved the way for me to actually be able 2 go to Mumbai and meet her which was otherwise not possible. I found Dr Sangeeta's approach very systematic and practical. I had only 1 day to meet her and she designed my session accordingly. She well versed with lot of alternative techniques and she merges them comprehensively to provide all-round healing. Also she has good knowledge of the traditional medical science and hence she understood my disease also well. When I came back after meeting her I started accepting Chemotherapy well, and my counts showed a biiiig jump-I dint have to take even a singleinjection for that chemo session. She made me realize the power of my mind and that helped me tread through the tough chemo sessions with ease. ?Even after my return from Mumbai, she has been constantly helping me out over the phone which clearly shows her dedication towards her work. I am glad I came in touch with a remarkable person like Sangeeta - without her, each of my chemo session would have been a nightmare!! Wish you all the best always. Hope u keep helping people transform their lives for better. Lots of love

In my childhood I read and heard about fairy tales and angels. But now I can say. I have seen an Angel, Yes Dr. Sangeeta Shah as an angel in our life. Especially in my son's life. My son had been taking steroids since fifth which had been subsequently increasing. After taking therapy from Dr. Sangeeta for the first time his steroids have been reduced at the age of thirteen yrs…She has completely changed our outlook towards life. Now we our actually loving and enjoying our lives. She first treats the soul to cure the body. She heals not only the physical body but also mental, social and spiritual aspects. After meeting her I feel, the doctor who does not find out the inner state of mind of patient by light of his/her knowledge, cannot find out the disease.

Dr. Sangeeta actually made us realize how much positive you should think in every aspects of life. She shares healthy relation with her patients and has faith in them as she believes what we think it reflects. She gives wonderful results by working it with Theta Healing, Hypnosis, Chakra Diagnosis, Trauma release, past lives, Shankh Vastu and much more. Rest I feel her work speaks it all for her.

- Rupal Shah - Housewife

This alternate modality of healing has transformed my life to a great extent. It has not only helped me in healing myself but also brought a lot of insight in me about life, events that you attract because of your thought processes', etc. The therapies and workshops not only transformed my life, but also the life of people around me. I thank Dr. Sangeeta Shah for bringing this bouquet of Hypnotherapy and Theta healing in my life.

A wonderful modality, which has caused a very major shift in my inner space - leading to a huge shift in my perceptions and in my behavior."

- Dr. Hina Rajkotia

Thank you! The hypnobirthing classes were great help and not only helped me while the birthing but continues to help me now. The doctor & the staff said I was a very good patient (even though I didn't think of myself as a patient at all) and they couldn't believe I was a first time mom. He was calm and very alert when he was delivered. Lots of love

- Shweta & Mayur

I began my practice as a therapist in my newly acquired clinic which was situated in a building that had previously fallen and taken many lives. I noticed I wasn't getting too many clients and each time I was inside my clinic, I would get a headache. Dr. Sangeeta Shah cleansed my room of all foreign energies and placed 'shankhs' in appropriate places in the clinic. Since then, not only have the headaches stopped but clients have begun to pour in!

- Dr. Aiman Merchant, Hypnotherapist

I was surprised about how wonderful EFT can be and was completely cured from a bad headache!

- Jandika Pachew.(Brazil)

Dearest Sangeeta Ma’am and Richa
A very big thank you for setting up Cesta ..
My journey here over the last 9 months has been a new birth for me altogether.

I came to Cesta by change … (although now I believe that there is nothing like by chance. It is a choice..) But, back then I walked into Cesta to experience past life regression. My best friend, Dr. Akanksha had Spoken to me about this place told me about Theta healing and even learnt the basic and advanced levels. So just to have a “feel” of “What it’s like?” I booked an appointment with Sangeeta Maam

I am an Orthopaedic surgeon with an interest to specialize in spine surgeries. I was suffering from severe pains in both my upper and lower back since the time I was 14yrs of age. Over the last 16yrs I had taken out innumerable xrays and MRIs to diagnose the root cause of my problem. All REPORTS WERE NORMAL. My father who is also an orthopaedic surgeon himself couldn’t understand what could cause me so much pain that even turning in bed would make me cry. It was blamed on stress, obesity and the fact that “ I was thinking too much into it. “ I being a surgeon myself couldn’t locate any physical cause of pain.

I was also facing personal issues with my parents and that was reflecting poorly on my married life. I was also having a lot of doubts and indecision on where to go on with my career. I had developed Hypothyroidism and gained a lot of weight. In a nutshell I was at rock bottom. That’s when I decided to find answers to my problems..

To fix situations, I walked into Cesta on 25th May 2013 – I think it’s been the best decision of my spiritual journey so far. Sangeeta ma’am and her infectious smile just made me feel at home. She didn’t do my regression session on the first day coz she thought I wasn’t ready and we decided to work on my back issues. Slowly but steadily she worked with my back pains… and made me aware of all the “garbage” I was carrying unnecessarily and unknowing in the form of beliefs, negative emotions and traumas (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical) and that it was my body’s way of signaling me that it had already taken enough and couldn’t take it anymore.

Today, I roam around with a healthy back without any fear of getting those pains again. They are gone forever… My back is a healthy and happy back. I have done Past life session for my personal issues and seen instant results. They have been pure miracles. I cannot thank Sangeeta Maam enough for all that she had done for me.

This testimonial would be incomplete without any Mention of Richa. I call her my “SOUL SISTER”. She’s the most phenomenal mentor, guide and tutor I have come across. Through her classes, be it, basic DNA, Advanced DNA or Intuitive Anatomy she has held my hand and made me connect to myself and rediscover myself in a whole new way altogether….

There would be days in class when fear would grip me. I wouldn’t want to face certain issues. And Richa would be right there … either giving me an extra push or maintaining a firm professor like countenance ensuring I did what I was supposed to do in class.

I am a doctor… A surgeon… And it took these two beautiful people to make me realize that medicine was not just about treating the symptoms … surgeries not about fixing the broken or removing the unwanted … Medicine was about healing… And Healing incorporates all modalities!!!

I have made a choice to integrate all the healing modalities I have learnt in my medical and surgical practice.

Where would I be without you?? What would I do without u both??? At Cesta I have met my soul family. I hope you find yours too… Looking forward to many journeys together…

Love you …..MMuahh!!

- Dr. Poonam Harish Nakma, n M.S. Ortho, Certified Theta Practioner.


ThetaHealing Basic DNA2/ Advanced DNA2/ Manifesting & Abundance

28.9.2017 Advanced Course
This course has connected me to the path that i had chosen & the place that i belonged the voids are filling up & I’m morning along the path. The method & manner has helped & motivated me. Realisations are constantly occurring & pouring me. Thank you; for being you so effortless & grace ful:) I’m inspired & ready to unravel me sooner and now.
Lots of Love & Light
I love the energy of Cesta & the food & the conversations.

- Natasha

Dear Richa,
You have changed my life in the deepest and most permanent way possible after 38 years of existence it is a dalling task to think and act in a way that truly represents who i am and what feels true, to let go of was around we, but i am looking forward to is.
ThetaHealing is something that i have faith in and it is going to become a part of my life. Richa you have courage, conviction & integrity, 3 qualities i admire commusely i wish you continues to work your way towards never & brighter goals in life.

- Nupur

Dear Team Cesta,

I did my Theta Healing basic & advance under the expert guidance of Richa Shah & Sangeeta Shah. The knowledge they imparted and the way they imparted changed so much of my perspective in such a logical fashion. This workshop opened doors into a whole new world of the subtle inner world. It was a great experience. Thank you very much.

- Reshma Ravani

I feel so grateful to have an opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers ever, Sangeeta! She is an exceptionally special individual. i witness and vibrant enthusiasm to share her knowledge. My experience of learning BEE, Hypnosis and past life regression was humbling and eye opening! From her, I learnt too recognize the importance and impact of unconditional love because that's what i have always received from her from the very moment i met her.

Thank you for making me discovered the universe that exists behind my eyes, in my heart and in every cell of my body.

- Tejal Shah

Dearest Richa! Thank you for this life changing experience. May you always guide each one of your students for his or her best! Grateful to you!

- Priya Maheshwar

Thank you! It was the best experience. Thank you for showing me new path in my life. Till the time I had not joined class I was lost in my life. Thank you Richa teacher for giving meaning to my life and resolving my biggest fear. Love you a lot!! Ur the best teacher!!

- Falguni Me

Dearest Richa, Love you the most. Thank you for everything we gained here. This was the best investment made ever on my own self. The experience cannot be put into words, they are just beyond words. The Enlightenment we got here is priceless. I am just loving it!
My journey begins today!!

- Khushboo Luthiya

It was very wonderful, inspiring, informative experience.

- Manohar Ambadaskar

The journey of ‘Theta Healing’ so far has been an incredible one for me. IT is as if layers are peeling off slowly and a new ‘me’ is ready to face the world. The learning experience of the Intuitive class especially has been profound. The knowledge has changed each one of us significantly forever. It is said that a teachers appears when you are ready to learn. For me not one but two came along. Sangeeta and Richa who complement each other in every way. Sangeeta is worldly wise with enriching experiences in the kitty, a pillar of strength for the students and strongly believes in learning naturally even if it means having to make mistakes. Erstwhile Richa is young, pure and forthright who makes every concept and processes appear so simple. Her patience, compassion and empathetic attitude makes her a complete darling. Thank you for guiding us through this amazing modality. Last but not least. I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow classmates.Without you all This journey would be meaningles! Love

- Yachana

Theta Class has been very liberating for me. Lots of clutter removed, tremendous awareness, heightened consciousness & complete rejuvenation. Indebted to Richa & Sangeeta for life.

- Tejal (8/7/12)

Dearest Sangeeta,
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to refresh my course!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! The energies in your clinic are Fab !! Loads of love, luck and light always.

- Maadhuri

Dearest Sangeeta & Richa,Thank you so much. It was great experience, learnt a lot, changed a lot for me …… Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!Love,

- Arpita (9/9/12)

A wonderful 3 days spent/invested. Got a deep and enriching experience being on the 7 th plane. Please do the super job you guys are doing for a lot of people.

- Nehal Jhaveri (8/7/12)

Richa + Sangeeta, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! It's been a wonderful journey of liberation and within to the Creator of All That is …. God Bless Always,

- Rishika Idnani

Dearest Sangeeta and Richa, You came as angels in my life. I am going as a better person with better insight and love for life and myself. Thanks a Ton! Lots of Love,

- Dr Supriya (9/9/12)

What an awesome experience! I consider myself very fortunate to have such an opportunity to get introduced to such a powerful & wonderful world of Theta Energy and to the most wonderful Teachers like Richa & Sangeeta !!! Thank You . . . :D

- Nivaydita Nair

Richa, It is wonderful to know how a life exids. You showed us the beautiful world …. It is possible, It is possible to reach there. I loved the experience and the path. Thank U so much.

- Shukla

I had a great great time learning and being healed in the theta healing class with Richa. She is a fab fab teacher and is a natural at the subject. Having so many deep rooted issues being released and gaining the power to heal others so quickly and easily makes me feel immensely blessed. Connecting to the creator for a good purpose and having him around itself completely releases you of all worries. God Bless!!! May lots & Lots & Lots of people learn and gain the knowledge through Cesta and around the world!

- Raakhee

Sangeeta, You are a divine soul. You have no idea how you are changing so many lives for good. I came here full of emotions, blaming myself for so many things. Within these few days my life has transformed. I know for sure that from now on I will have a happy, healthy life full of love and joy I don't have words to express how grateful I am. Thanks a lot I know I am connected to you now and this is surely not the last day. Thanks for teaching me how to live my life happily with joy, without any guilt or fear. Loads of Love.

- Manisha Dahiya (20 /12/10)

Sangeeta Aunty, Thank you for encouraging me to take the course on the Basic Level. Though I was a little distracted and restless, the 3 days were a lot of fun. I will try to practice and implement what I've learnt. Thank You Very Much!

- Akshay Biyani (04/07/11)

The experience of being healed by Theta was amazing and the feeling of being a healer now is much more satisfying.

- Tinaz Yardegardi

Theta Healing is connecting to God. I have become a different person, very positive in life. Looking forward to grow spiritually. Thanks to Richa & Sangeeta. God Bless,

- Naazneen Yazdani

Meeting Sangeeta Aunty was life changing. I know her as ‘My friend Richa's Mum'. But fate changed that status to ‘My life change & positivity tutor with love as abundant as the Creator's !!' She is human & divine, God's and mine!!! I know I will always keep her close to my heart and always in my life!!

- Rajivi Rao

Theta Healing Workshop was a life changing experience. I can't thank enough to Sangeeta for encouraging me to take the basic & advance class. I've become very conscious in my thoughts and every action. I highly recommend to everyone to learn this technique as soon as possible. If you want to bring a positive change in life then do join soon. Theta Healing is positive approach to make your life happy, healthy & full of “abundance”. With well wishes to everyone at Cesta Healing Studio & to all my classmates. Everlasting love to my dear friend Sangeeta……Love,

- Pallavi Dedhia (Boston)

Hey Niati, It was great to have a teacher like you. Your unconditional support, patience, love and your belief in the greater worked wonders for me. Have a years and life ahead. All the very best. My life has taken a +ve turn for me through Theta, through you. Love,

- Megha Khimesra

It was wonderful to know this knowledge of Theta Healing from Sangeeta Shah. It was to know how to talk to creator - thank you very much Sangeeta Shah!

- Asha Mehta

I enjoyed my Theta Healing training thoroughly from Sangeeta Shah.

- Suman Nemani

Enjoyable, enriching learning, experience perfectly garnished With a personal touch = perfect Recipe to a happy life!

- Vyoma

The workshop was amazing. It allowed me to understand what relations are like. To know & understand what is the need of a soulmate & possible to find one for yourself.

- Khushboo Luthiya

Great! I love that I am removing, realizing all my beliefs. Learning to manifest things in my life which I deserve. Thanks for making me believe!

- Priya Maheshwari

ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Workshop
I just loved these 3 weeks, discovering my own self and finding the whole new “new”. Richa and everybody in my class helped me so beautifully in the journey towards realizing my own soul. I am amazed, how beautifully I have released all that garbage I was holding on to since so long in times. Entered into the intuitive classes with all that nervousness, anxiety and what I always used to call myself as “weak”. I am glad and happy that I am that no more .feeling so empowered, fresh and rejuvenated from within. It has been a spa for mind, body and soul.

- Supriya (Jan 2014)


RICHAAA……. Big thanks is not enough……Three weeks was a life changing experience…….it helps me to understand my own self ,my people around, connects me to my Ownself ……which we forget somewhere in our day to day life.This has helped a lot to release lot of negativeness which I had collected till date……which would never be possible in any way ever……Also helped to meet soul friends…..

- Pooja (Jan 2014)

It was the best and most distance vacations , I ever had…..A journey from Cesta to so many past lives, releasing all the beliefs and impressions I had accumulated for so many lives. The intuitive workshop has given me a totally new life, understanding and acceptance of myself and world around me. Thanks Richa and Sangeeta!

- Sumit Grover

Intuitive Anatomy was such a deep Journey to my innermost care – life's jigsaw puzzle finally solved. I connected to my true self & released all the patterns of my life that were an obstacle on emotional & physical levels. Richa you have truly been a great guide ensuring that we get rid of all negative patterns and in true essence take a rebirth. THANKS is a small word though but large on emotions.

- Tejal

Intuitive was a really long journey with all parts of myself. It touches every part of our core existence & redefines every part of ourselves. Richa, you have touched all our lives with immense love & understanding, taking each one of us to another level. You nurtured us & gave us tools to reach the core issue and the knowledge to come out of that pain. It was a wonderful experience to see others work with U & working on issues on them & realizing while working on them that we have the same issues. Thanks for being there for us.

- Hemali Shah

Intuitive Anatomy class has been a real long deepest journey enabling us to break the walls within us increasing the levels of confidence of trusting & listening to our intuition. Richa thank you for patiently & beautifully taking us on this path giving some wonderful realizations on the path of our Journey !! Love,

- Naina

I had a fabulousssssss experience in the Intuitive Anatomy class taught by Richa. Considering I'm not a class person at all I sat through each day with more joy everyday since the changes we went through daily were unbelievable. There's so much stored in each one of us that can only come up and be released with a class full of beautiful souls with similar patterns that help u make the journey to freedom in every way so easy! In today's world where we are constantly taking in new impressions and creating patterns, a place where we can go to release redundant beliefs, impressions, patterns and ailments is a blessing. It only makes the future so much brighter and lighter. With all my blessings and love, May many many more people reach this and the classes beyond wherever on the planet! Lots of love and gratitude

- Raakhee Thakker

My experience of IA was a complete detoxification & rejuvenation of my body & soul. All my inhibitions, my fears, my beliefs, my worries, my issues found a channel to release itself. And release it has, because I can feel it in my bones. :D Its not like I'm a new person or am over it all, but the way I see, feel & relate to things & situations has changed completely. I have a better understanding of what goes on inside, with how I feel, think & act on the outside. I am truly able to love & respect my body & all its functioning's. It was spectacular to scan all your organs, systems & connect with them, finally giving them recognition they deserved for taking care of so many things that I just took for granted for more than 3 decades of my being alive.The correlation of science with emotions is amazing. Its an intricately beautiful subject & study. I'd once again like to thank Richa & each one my classmates- Arpita, Chetana, Devicki, Michi, Nakshi, Rakhee & Yachana for helping me through this journey of findng myself & my answers. It really wouldn't have been possbile without Richa's constant guidance & your patience to help me see through it. Thank you so much & God Bless each one of you''ll with unconditional love & a divine life. Love always,?

- Sheetal Sangvi - Fashion Designer

Dear Richa, Thank you Richa, it was as pleasure to do this class. I'm glad I finally came for it. Must say you're a great instructor and a pure soul full of energy and purity. There is so much that I've learnt and shall always remember it, I know this will being a lot of positive change in my life, enriching it and get me more focused in achieving my goals. I have thoroughly enjoyed these 3 weeks and shall always treasure the knowledge that I've gained from this class. Also the ‘Presentation' idea was great building upon our confidence, which I probably had lost in last few years. Thanking you soooo much. Love,

- Arpita (08/02/13)

I have experienced the wonderful things we can do with the Creator. I have also understood imagination is real and many spiritual things exist. Thank you for taking me through the journey through this wonderful thing thanks a lot.

- Sanya Shah (7 years old- Rainbow Child)

I have loved it! This class waking up and coming early, thanks. Richa aunty and Sangeeta aunty, I have loved this experience. Regards,

- Rajveer M Batra (8 years old- Rainbow Child)

The Past Life Regression workshop was good. The group was fun . Peaceful. Nice. Thanks,

- Megha K.K.

Every workshop done here takes me to a higher level… I shall be ever thankful to Sangeeta for the knowledge she has given to me !!! It's whole new world of wonderful knowledge!

- Geeta

A million thanks to Sangeeta for enriching my lifewith the Applies Hypnosis class. The three days have been truly wonderful. Heaps of live and a very big God bless.

- Roxane Khodaiji

It's a Beautiful World..My life changed! Your life can change too………The choice is yours!

- Calvin

Dear Sangeeta & Richa, Thanks for being such wonderful teachers! Loved the experience!!

- Bala - C.B.Nair

Dearest Sangeeta & Richa, Thank you! Journey Within & Applied Hypnosis has changed me forever. I feel like a new person with lot of awareness & awaking. Both of you are great Instructors! Love,

- Pallavi Dedhia, Boston

I thoroughly enjoyed the Travel Within works shop and hope to benefit too. Thanks to Sangeeta for help.

- Ameeta Kapur

Travel Within is an amazing program designed better understanding, removing negativity from our mind. Understanding how about one talks thinks being aware of our thoughts actions, emotions. Understanding our mind gives us correct picture of our self so beautiful and what mess we make it running the rut race with disturbed thoughts and emotions. Travel within taught me to be calm, serene thoughtful & happy. It gave me easy techniques and tools to reach for success giving positive suggestions feeling complete believing in myself with correct attitude and approach with right behavior to be successful in our life. It has changed me in and out completely and am extremely thankful to Dr. Sangeeta Shah to help me get change my life in positive manner. Learned about handwriting technique affirmations visualization, learning EFT, trauma release technique.

- Sheetal Sangvi - Fashion Designer

Travel Within was fun filled & activity based. The participant could freely say their issues, and benefit from the professional guidance. New techniques and tools were shown, so that in future, they could be independent and benefit from them. Sangeeta's concern for everyone comes deep from her heart, and the concern and effort put in, is over helming for all of us. We would like to thanks her deeply from our hearts, and the best way to shows thanks, is to be on the path of positive affirmation. I am the best. We are the best. U are the best!

- Divyaa Shah - Remedial Teacher

This testimonial is from all my heart – a big big THANK YOU !! to Richa Shah, who took my intense therapy in the month of March. I- had been detected with vertiginous migraine and the stress levels were beyond handling. And so I decided to do something and taking therapy from both – Richa & Sangeeta Aunty has been one of the best decisions – I was pushed into my problems, only to land in and descover the Power of Theta Healing, along with the other alternative terms of healing as well.

I went back a changed person – totally cured of all the mind clutter of which made me get migraine and stress and negativity. A big heartfelt Thank You and gratitude to both Richa & Sangeeta, for introducing me to the power within self. It was meant to discover through this. Thanks for the Positive Download Version 1.2

Much Love & Light

Because the other two sheets finished I have to get another one because it is very important for me to also acknowledge the change in my medical 3D Scan.

No Stress Level – 0%
Full Oxygen Supply + No Circulation Problem.

NO SIGN OF VERTIGENEOUS MIGRANE IN THE PRESENT OR EVEN A SINGLE SYMPTOM OF THAT I EVER HAD IT. THE DOCTOR WAS ALSO SURPRISED TO SEE MY BRAIN CHEMICAL LEVEL SO PERFECT THAT IT DID NOT SHOW ANY SIGN OF MIGRAINE, STRESS AND OXYGEN ISSUE AT ANY POINT IN TIME !! I AM SO HAPPY !! I just wana tell to everyone and anyone who reads this that - I healed myself. YOU CAN TOO !! Just believe and have faith in your own potential and trust me – The Universe will give you exactly what you want …

- Prachi Mehrotra

ThetaHealing® Soulmate Class
Thank you! For teaching me ‘Soulmate’. It gives connectivity to my soul family & will looking forward. God Bless U.

- Harshal Mistry

Under a week ago, I was in a deep dark hole… under the ground with piles of clutter I had not dealt with. This was suffocating me and after trying years, over a decade maybe of religion, other therapies of healing and a combination of counselling … I somehow now feel … free from guilt, from the past… I feel hopeful and motivated and look forward to a future that may never have been had I not been pushed by an angel in the form of Sandeep who introduced me to 2 more angels, Richa & Sangeeta...

Not the end… just the beginning… I will be back to share how positively my life changed in Love, with a life mate and children. Lots of Love,

- Sonal (London)

Thanks Richa for letting me discover myself. Theta changed lots of self beliefs and made me a much stronger person. I thank Deepti, my wife to have introduced me to this myriad world. I thank Nivedita & Sandip for guiding me through this enlightening journey. Love

- Dr. Achint Garg

Dear Richa, Soulmate session has really helped me to come at peace with my ex & forgive her and forgive myself for whatever bad has happened in my life earlier. Hope my manifestation will help me to find my most compatible soulmate. Thanks a ton,

- Amit Grover

Enlightening!!! This workshop has made me aware of the beliefs i was holding onto that were negatively affecting my marriage by releasing them, i am feeling much move positive and at peace about issues that i was facing. I feel lots of positivity and love, it's a fresh start for me & my meaning.

- Janki Ravani

The clarity you gave to me, it shone like Angel rays, Like water rushed on golden sands, And crashed along the bays…
The Questions deep within my heart confused my humble mind. Yet when you spoke your words aloud It seemed, no longer i was blind.
The answers all came flooding in, They touched my inner soul, The Knowledge that you gave me, within my heart i hold. I understood that the events that troubled me somehow. Was nothing to be frightened of, Instead i should be proud.
I Thanks to Richa most graciously, these words i say aloud for the clarity you’ve given me, has made me feel quite proud. Through we cried & smiled together, the lessons we learnt such stuff, How difficult it is to face my stuff
Thank you for showing us the mirror. Acknowledging how beautiful we are within to see our true souls & balancing our soul energies. To know we are pure & feel light.
Thank you for everything you shared with us, there are no words to express. You taught us to live our life to fulfil the purpose we had come here with Thank you for making us realise our wonderful purpose.
Thank You so much for being an amazing part of my life journey.
Thankyou for shining your love like a lighthouse, guiding me home.
Love you Richa

- Khushboo

Disease and Disorder

Disease and disorder experience was amazing. I thankful that I attended and finished. I could see through all the blockages I created in myself, which were not allowing me connect to my true self. I released all those beliefs through Co students Milli, Saj and Sangeeta Maam. It's brought awareness that how much I create in my thoughts and was searching outside for solutions. My beliefs were actual cause of my problems and not something else. Instant result I experience a major change on day 9,in my personal life.

I could also release unborn babies in womb and all the energy related which were in womb, and immediately gave me relief of my constant pain in leg for past few months. My trust and faith towards myself has become much stronger. Learning of extensive beliefs related to disease, brought awareness that disease in physical body is end product of my own belief and how working on beliefs changes everything.

- Pooja Parekh

Game of Life

I am writing this letter bypass the 3rd Oct, Monday 2016…. Purposely i have chosen this particular page because on this date my life have started taking a huge turn around… without my efforts. Thanking you Richa for this because u have a huge capacity of dip digging, changing the direction reaching to desired - appropriate goal and striking the right chord… and music of life started…. It is very harmonious , fresh, soft, light , easy, accurate, smart, horidepandable, real, comfortable in skin… feeling Richa and i would say that you posses all the quality which i have describe above..
You are small packet mai bada dhamaka …. Sweetheart you made us learn the core of the course and i reach to my core feeling i think all of us must have enjoyed our life changing experience through you.
I am very thankful to komal and niyati too...
Loads of blessing Sweetheart always with you

- Alka Parikh

Game of Life is one of the excellent workshop. Which demonstrated us the real picture of having successful and overcome the fear of success. The five steps of belief work is designed such away that the person’s belief is get clearly from root. It helps us to show us beyond the comfort zone and use the full power without feeling stuck and fear of failure. Releasing attachment of part failure and success is shifted major in life perception. We could feel and see the clear success of our life that we going to achieve near by future. Thank you, Thank You! For such a wonderful course.
God bless You.

- Harshal Mistry

Thank you lots and lots for all the clarity and cleaning you have done for me. The game of life course has made massive shifts for me and within these 3 days itself. I am feeling tremendous changes in my life. So many blocks have been released and there in just so much clarity in my head regarding what i want from my life. More importantly, there is a huge change write the belief that these dreams of mine can actually come true. I know i can do it. I feel empowered and liberated i am going to work on identified areas and all my dreams are coming true. I am loving it! Stay blessed and keep changing lives for the better. You Rock!

- Lots Of love Janki

Dear Richa In the beginning of Game of life we had such major blockages, emotional baggage blaming our family our peers and society for our failures on Day 3, i am so much in peace as if i have the key to the door that leads to success. It is in me to create and enjoy the game of life is as if god has giving me a blank page and and can write and create the divine magic the secret to living our life in abundance now and always.

- Lots Of love Aparna

Game of life is an amazing life changing workshop. I found it very well organised planned and very well designed workshop by hero. All the exercise are designed very beautifully assisting you in getting complete clarity towards your setting your goals releasing the blocking beliefs and having complete clarity and confidence towards setting your goals releasing the blocking beliefs and having complete clarity and confidence towards your action plan to manifest magic in your life. I simply loved this workshop. It was my 1st workshop in cesta as a student. I feel honored being Richa’s student. During the class her declaration to students helped each one of us to clear lot of clutter. It was lot of fun to be a student in the class where i always played the role a teacher i thanks all my student friends who helped me through this journey of Game of life.

- Sangeeta

The 1 workshop that consolidates all of your theta knowledge...its Game of Life...and the 1 teacher who can help you accomplish this with ease..its Richa Shah!! Game of life ..with its detailed structured approach has helped me release so many blocks and gain new perspectives. I loved the step-by-step approach of this workshop as it covers all the aspects of life...from career to family to society..everything...
And thank you Richa for holding our hands through this workshop with so much compassion and understanding.You have helped me release many stubborn beliefs that seemed to have got stuck with me since ages...perhaps lifetimes!!
It was my 1st class with you and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Having you as a teacher was really blissful and fun. Your approach of teaching by examples...made everything much more believable..approachable and Funnnnn. And your awesome way of balancing Discipline and fun...ensured that all of us learnt our lessons and yet had a gala time...(Although we still wish that we could fool you with our "We can learn while sleeping" argument..sigh..maybe next time *wink*)
Thank you Richa...for everything.. the wonderful class...your immense love...'The chocolate Cake' and above alllll....My Happiness Bag!!!...
I guess..its THANK YOU..for just being you!!! Eagerly waiting for my next class with you!!...Love you loads!!!

- Niati

Family Ties

Dear Richa Teacher,
First of all i don't know why i am doing this workshop because you ( Richa teacher) insist it and i registered.

While doing this workshop my life has totally changed 360 degree because i am holding lots of old beliefs about my parents and restricted my growth in personal and career life.

This workshop is totally transformed my relationship with my mother, friends and success. I overcome my old habits of ignoring people in my life who is not my type.

In first day of workshop as she released my attachment with my mother and download the unconditional love. it immediately shift my energy and creator told me that your soulmate is ready. Go find her.

In that day night in my dream i seen my soulmate that i and she is just got ready to get married. I met her 4 years back but i didn't get touch with her. Now i am confident enough that she is my soulmate because creator gave me positive answer.

Thank you Richa teacher for this workshop.

So Guys don't wait you will also find your soulmate if you clear this old beliefs by doing this workshop.

Just register. Rest all Creator will take Care.

- Harshal S. Mistry

"Its all about loving your family"

Well, this line looks great in Karan Johar movies,but in real life we all have moments when we wonder howww on earth did we land up in this family!! The good news is..Family Ties workshop is the answer to all our questions.

This workshop helps us understand our family...Imbibe its good...accept its shortcomings with the awareness of how they are helping us grow and provides a completely new perspective to life.

I had a great time at this workshop, resolving many issues and gaining amazing insights. Richa shah's loving and able guidance takes the workshop a notch higher, making it super fun and insightful.

A must attend for anyone looking for loving and harmonious relationships with their family.


Dear Sangeeta
Thank you so much for guiding me into this wonderful healing modality although it is very simple yet it is so empowering and has the immense potential like an onion peel at has commences potential to address the core issues sometimes connect to even past issues to easily may lie because i learnt Theta, i could integrate Theta and ERT level, but as ERT alone also is simple and very deep. I strongly recommended ERT, hypnosis and Theta to be learnt so that you have all the tools to create magic in your life. Thank you Richa & Sangeeta and Cesta and Nani and Jamuna
Loads of love and blessing and let the light of cesta spread more and more.

- Thank you Sangeeta & Richa(Aparna Kirshnan)

I was surprised about how wonderful EFT can be and was completely cured from a bad headache!

- Jandika Pachew.(Brazil)

Emotional Detox

Dear Sangeeta
Very compact worthy class, which makes our/your life million time more better. Thanks for being there and designed the course. May God shower all his blessings through you to whoever needs this.
" Never miss out an opportunity to enjoy first drop of Rain through Sangeeta."

- Lots of Love Alka

Dear Sangeeta
Thanks you remembered me, very very co-incidence what i get in this period.

- Lots of Love Jayesh

Dear Sangeeta
I had a wonderful break through for my emotional issues of helplessness, I realized from where it came, and dealt with it, also what's amazing is that i reconnected to my own self during a process, I was completely unaware of disconnect. The workshop brought light to many unknown programming of mine. I thank Sangeeta for that.

- Love Heena


It was fun filled activity based. The participant could freely say their issues, and benefit from the professional guidance. New techniques and tools were shown, so that in future, they could be independent and benefit from them.
Sangeeta’s concern for everyone comes deep from her heart, and the concern and effort put in, is overwhelming for all of us. We would like to thanks her deeply from our hearts, and the best way to shows thanks, is to be on the path of positive affirmation. I am the best. We are the best. U are the best!

- Divyaa Shah

Dear Richa Thank you for introducing this wonderful modality to me. While this workshop i got awareness of my belief system that was stopping me from my dream life. And the method to release the negative belief and instill positive feelings to live a more fulfilling life. My vision has become clear as to what exactly i am happy with and the flows that stops me from doing the same. I have realized that if i have a clear goal, the stoppage would be no one but me
Thank for the realization.

- Mili