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Relationship Bonding

Often times in relationships, especially with those closest to us, or those that we interact with in our daily lives, miscommunication is the root to us feeling misunderstood, neglected, misheard or lonely. the cause to most relationships drifting or us feeling like people have changed. However, did you know that there was a simple understanding and decoding to this all? That often times it is not your personalities and opinions that clash with your partner, colleague or kid, but simply that the two of you may be communicating in two different subconscious languages and this inability to interpret the other’s language is what is causing all that build up and frustration?!

Join us for an informative and practical seminar by experts in the field of healing and relationship counselling, to:
-Understand these different subconscious languages of communication
-Learn how to bridge the gaps & understand your loved ones better!
-Theories of Suggestibility & NLP techniques for better Rapport creation & relationships explained
-Build better bonds with your partner
-Bridge the generation gap your kids complain about!
-Work rapport with your colleagues and those around you

Also be guided through simple yet highly effective techniques that help access the subconscious mind to guide you through a release of any blocks that may be making you feel misunderstood in your relationships or stopping you from enjoying and living them to your highest potential.

Duration 2 Day
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM