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Inside Out- An Emotional Wellness Program for Kids

Level 1
A guided and interactive, fun-filled, workshop where kids learn:
- How to be aware of their own emotions.
- How to identify these emotions
- How to keep them in balance
- How emotions affect the energy and flow of their body
- How to differentiate between their own emotions and those of others
- What is energy
- Moods through colors
- How to deal with friends, peer pressure and what they feel in such situations
- To differentiate between Empathy and Sympathy
- How to see the other persons perspective
- The Power of forgiveness
- How to choose their emotions and make wise choices
- Acceptance of emotions
- Techniques on how to release unwanted emotions
- Balance
- and much more...
in fun methods through interaction and games!!

Duration: 5 days, 2/5 hours each
Ages: 6-12 years/ 12-18 years
Pre-requisites: None