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Email Id. :- info@cestahealingstudio.com, Mobile No :- + 91 98192 32223

Founder - Sangeeta Shah

“The mind is everything, what you think you become”

Sangeeta Shah is a ThetaHealing ® Master, Certified by Vianna Stibal, USA. She practices the following Theta Healing® techniques :

: : Theta Healing® Basic DNA 2 & Advanced DNA2 (Certified Practitioner & Teacher )

: : Manifesting and Abundance (Certified Practitioner & Teacher)

: : Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy (Certified Practitioner & Teacher)

: : Theta Healing® DNA 3 (Certified Practitioner & Teacher)

: : Theta Healing® Disease And Disorder (Certified Practitioner & Teacher)

: : Theta Healing® World Relations (Certified Practitioner & Teacher)

: : Rainbow Children (Certified Practitioner & Teacher)

Apart from Theta Healing® she also practices:

: : Past Life Regression Therapy (Trained under Dr. Brian Weiss, U.S.A )

: : Hypno Birthing® (Certified Practitioner by Marie Mogan, U.S.A )

She has studied Integrated Healing, Radical Healing, Metaphor Therapy, Trauma Release Techniques (Somatic Healing), Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] & Craniosacral Therapy.

She had severe health issues such as migraine, intestinal problems and many more physical complaints at a level that no medicines worked on her. In the quest for answers connected to her health issues, she started her journey towards holistic healing. She joined Vippasana, Art of Living, Rhythmic Breathing, Naturopathy, Yoga etc. and then moved to hypnotherapy, theta healing, past life regression etc. As she moved ahead studying more about this beautiful science of opening up the doors of the powerful sub-conscious mind and breaking the filter of consciousness that had created those physical conditions, her life changed completely.

Today, not only has she healed herself completely, she has also made it a mission to offer holistic healing by using techniques that change the perception of life, through the Cesta Holistic Healing Studio.

It is rightly said that we all are born with a divine life plan. If we choose to walk on our life plan, life is very easy and if we don't, the universe will conspire against us and will ensure that we follow our life plan.