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Corporate Workshops

The effective performance of an organization depends not just on the availability resources, but also on their quality and competence. In Today’s Global economy when every organization has access to all the resources available across the world, it’s the quality of its Human Resources that distinguishes one organization from the other. An Organization’s employees are the true agents of its development.

We believe that an employee’s professional life cannot be viewed in isolation with his/her personal life. An employee is shaped by his experiences – personal or professional. The emotions generated from these experiences become a part of the employee and are reflected in every sphere of his/her life. A backlog of emotions hampers the individual’s efficiency which in turn has adverse effect on the organizations productivity.By releasing this backlog the employee can not only improve individual effective but can also take the organization to new heights.

A well adjusted, happy employee is much more productive as he is capable of a clearer focus on the work at hand rather than all the stresses and tensions he carries around. These Employees work with each other as a team towards achieving the goals set by the organization. Our Workshops create happy, motivated employees who focus better on their work, and, take pride in their overall contribution to the Company.

An employee’s most powerful tools are confidence in their own abilities and trust in their organization. At Cesta we have piloted and perfected a series of programs that help employees to sharpen these tools. Through Cesta corporate workshop we create deliberate positive changes in your organization’s biggest assets: the PEOPLE, using various awareness techniques, de-conditioning processes and mind mastery exercises. Our workshops give each individual an opportunity to take on the responsibility to discover one’s resources and deploy them to optimum usage. Cesta Holistic Healing Studio pursues a scientific approach towards exploring newer creative avenues of personal and professional life management.

Cesta Corporate Workshops are specifically designed to focus on the various issues prevailing in the organizations across the world. These workshops are ideal for Corporations who wish to increase sales, to reduce overall sick days, turn over, and loss of production by improving employee morale & efficiency.

You can choose from the list of programs below or custom make a corporate package to suit your company’s need and requirements.

Workshop Duration
  1. Brain Spa   1 Day
  2. Heal Yourself   1 Day
  3. Soul Expressions   2 Days
  4. Travel Within   2 Days

For details regarding the existing workshops or to schedule a customized workshop for your organization, feel free to call us or email us on corporate@cestahealingstudio.com.