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Charitable Initiatives

We at Cesta, believe in doing our bit to help make this world a better place...we have various initiatives that help spread the divine knowledge of alternate healing and help people from all strides of life get healed and change their life, if they are willing to do so.

Healing Hour :

Healing Hour is our very own charitable clinic where therapies are provided at a very nominal rate. It happens on Saturdays (between 2-5 pm) and prior appointments are required.

Power Potion :

These are Free Awareness Talks held by Cesta, that happen every alternate Sunday as we wish to spread this wonderful knowledge about alternate healing and how exactly it works for one and all. (Prior registration needed).

Stress Buster :

At this workshop that happens every alternate Saturday, we release your stress while teaching you basics of different techniques that you can use in your daily life to lead a happier and more empowered life. Each Saturday you can learn something different and all this happens at a very nominal cost so you can learn more for less!

Cesta Shop :

Various crystals, pendulums, chakra sets and pendants etc. along with meditation CD's, study habit cd's (and others) and theta healing, hypnobirthing books etc. are sold here. These all aid healing as well as empower you, so anything you need to add that final touch to your healing process or something you may want to start your quest for knowledge and healing is all available here.