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Cesta in Czech means 'journey'. We, at Cesta Holistic Healing Studio believe that each one has to make their journey within to find the bountiful love and happiness that lies within themselves and to live their daily life with this vibrant energy.

Upcoming Workshops

BEE Healthy
Instructor - Sangeeta Shah
BEE Happy (Balanced Emotional Empowerment) Workshop
Instructor - Sangeeta Shah
ThetaHealing Dig Deeper
Instructor - Sangeeta/ Richa Shah

Special Offers

1. FREE Covid Anxiety release workshop (on Zoom)
Sun, 30th Aug, 9:00- 10:30 pm IST
Offers Expires: Contact us on +91 9769619555/ 9619555230 to register!


Dearest Sangeeta & Richa,Thank you so much. It was great experience, learnt a lot, changed a lot for me.... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!Love

- Arpita  

A wonderful 3 days spent/invested. Got a deep and enriching experience being on the 7 th plane. Please do the super job you guys are doing for a lot of people.

- Nehal Jhaveri  

Dearest Sangeeta and Richa, You came as angels in my life. I am going as a better person with better insight and love for life and myself. Thanks a Ton! Lots of Love

- Dr Supriya   

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